It’s Friday!

I hope you’ve had a good week. Here are some of my internet findings.

James Wood at the New Yorker had a look at The Book of Common Prayer at 350 years.
Slavoj Zizek looked at the moral vacuum in today’s liberalism, as did Scott Stephens in More Discrimination Please.

John Dickson cheerfully reminded us that Christmas is as pagan as Halloween.

On Lateline I discovered the Q Society, who show us how not to love our Muslim neighbours. Their recent campaigns include the ‘fair dinkum food choices’ petition to put this warning on all Halal foods. Apparently you can catch Islam from kebabs.

‘What the halal?’ says Phil.

Then we had Halloween/Reformation Day. I hope (if you dressed up, does anyone dress up?) you had an appropriately sexy costume.

sexy halloween1

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