Friday again!

On Australia cutting itself out of its own migration zone

Scott Stephens Thuggery in Humanitarian Drag

Waleed Aly Shattering the Facade of Kindness

Clarke and Dawe had something to say about it too.

On the race that stops Melbourne

Benjamin Myers Trampling Creation

On babies and abortion

Tamara Mann My Involuntary Miscarriage

Bianca London Think you are ready to have children? Hilarious new parent test. Actually hilarious.

On Jesus

Brian Le Port Jesus of False Dichotomies. Is Jesus either the Lamb of God who saves us from sin, or the champion of the oppressed? He’s both.

On ‘Biblical Womanhood’

I’ve had a pretty hectic week, so my progress reading A Year of Biblical Womanhood has been slow. I’m still not finished.

But the Gospel Coalition finally got around to reviewing (and slamming) it, they were a bit slow off the mark. I feel like Kathy Keller kind of missed the point in her review. She criticises Held Evans for just doing crazy things because they’re ‘in the Bible’ – that’s not a Christian way to read the Bible – but it seems to me that’s exactly Held Evans’ point.

Held Evans is trying to show that ‘Biblical’ is a pretty slippery hermeneutic and to start a discussion about how we interpret the Bible. She argues that anything in the Bible can be called ‘Biblical’, so we need to do better than just tack ‘Biblical’ (or ‘what the Bible really says’) onto whatever we’re advocating and think that this settles things. We need to think about how to interpret the Bible in light of being followers of Jesus. More to come on this.

Don’t let that turn you off Keller though, other things she’s written are great, especially ‘The Meaning of Marriage’ which she co-authored with her husband.

Morgan Guyton responded to Keller’s review here.

And Held Evans herself responded here.

And finally here’s a complimentarian review of the book from Matthew Lee Anderson. He doesn’t dismiss her as a ‘dangerous influence’, but gets into the hermeneutical discussion that she opened. How refreshing.

On Words

Jasper Copping Why Hitler Hated Being Called a ‘Nazi’.

On the Trinity

Fred Sanders The Trinity in the Gender Debate. We look to the trinity and tend to find whatever we wanted to find, so be careful, he says.

On Disability

Garry Kerridge Bottom of the League argues that the fact that Australia ranks last in terms of people with disabilities living in poverty indicates that the Disability Discrimination Act isn’t doing its job and must be strengthened.

On Beauty

The Hoopla Body Perfection; a New Religion. We’re obsessed.

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