Happy Friday readers!

On the Church of England and women Bishops (or the lack thereof)

Sarah Coakley Has the Church of England Finally Lost its Reason?

John Milbank Unrepresentative laity: the Women Bishops Debacle

And, like a breath of fresh air, there was Tom Wright Women Bishops: It’s about the Bible not Fake ideas of Progress.

Michael Bird, John Dickson and Katherine Keller are releasing ebooks on women and ministry on Christmas Day – Merry Christmas readers!

On the news of 2012

Joshua Keating Stories you missed in 2012

On Apologetics

Brian Le Port Educating the Local Church Part VI – Avoiding Quick and Easy Apologetics. It’s worth checking out his whole series on educating the local church.

On church in Australia

The National Church Life Survey results are out. ABC Radio National did this story on the results.

  • 60% of church attenders are women (no surprises there)
  • the average church attender is a baby boomer (unless you’re pentecostal, they’re heaps younger)
  • 34% of church attenders have higher education (much higher than the national average)

On thunderstorms and Coldplay

I was given a free ticket to see Coldplay last week, but the electrical storm passing by was the most stunning part for me.

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