Not only Friday, but we’ve got a long weekend! I’m off to the coast for a family bonding weekend.

On climate

Paul Willis The 2013 climate change wake up call

On political persuasion and pheromones

Mike Seccombe Your politics stink

Ideology does have a smell. Conservatives smell different from liberals.

“As participants go up the scale in the conservative nature of their orientation, they found the odour of fellow conservatives more attractive and the smell of liberals less attractive. Similarly, more liberal evaluators were more likely to find the smell of other liberals more pleasing.”

On women giving sermons (oh yes, there’s more)

John Sandeman John Dickson says Bible based churches should let women preach

Kevin Giles An evangelical response to John Dickson’s ‘Hearing her Voice’

Dickson has responded to Bolt – A response to Peter Bolt’s critique

and Windsor has responded to Dickson – ‘Teaching’ in the pastoral letters

On adolescence

Why you never truly leave high school

It has long been known that male earning potential correlates rather bluntly with height. But it was only in 2004 that a trio of economists thought to burrow a little deeper and discovered, based on a sample of thousands of white men in the U.S. and Britain, that it wasn’t adult height that seemed to affect their subjects’ wages; it was their height at 16. (In other words, two white men measuring five-foot-eleven can have very different earning potential in the same profession, all other demographic markers being equal, just because one of them was shorter at 16.)

On doubt

Michael Spencer I have my doubts

On Peris and Crossin in the NT

Gabriell Chan Gillard’s ‘captain’s pick’

Peris v Cross is a story about indigenous representation, gender politics and preselection rules.

On single parenthood and centrelink


On  words & punctuation

For the grammar pedants – Arika Okrent The best shots fired in the Oxford Comma wars

Carmen Faye Mathes Words I need for my dissertation that don’t exist

Hegemonkey – noun – 1. apish answer to ideology; 2. tree-dwelling mammal in a suit.

On bible colleges

Peter Enns Can evangelical colleges be truly academic institutions?

Can an institution claim to be fundamentally academic while at the same time centered on defending certain positions that are largely, if not wholly, out of sync with generations of academic discourse outside of evangelical boundaries?

On Lance

Lance Armstrong

On Calvin

Derek Rishmawy John Calvin’s motherly God (or maybe he’s worth actually reading)

John Calvin’s God is nothing but an autocratic tyrant, an arbitrary despot, who may be concerned with legal justice, but who was the worst sort of example of “forensic theism.” Yes, he might be “gracious”, but it is an almost unfeeling graciousness, concerned only to preserve his own rights, rather than bestow good on his creatures…at least, that’s the picture I had before I’d read any Calvin.

On 26th January

It’s that time of year – survival/Australia/invasion Day – and there’s endless discussions over our national identity. Do we celebrate, if so, what exactly? Should we be proud? ashamed? remorseful? hopeful? or just confused?

For me Australia Day this year will mean smashing my siblings at Hottest 100 Bingo.

This one’s on our issues with Australia Day(BIG TIME LANGUAGE WARNING )

And here’s something a bit more cheery from our favourite retro decade.


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