Friday again. My condolences to Essendon supporters – it’s been a tough week for you. Good news though, it looks like the Banned Drinkers Register might come back in the NT (see bloody good drinkers). I’ve had a good week.

On women giving sermons

Just go to John Dickson’s facebook page for all the latest. I can’t keep up.

On Catholicism

George Weigel Evangelical Catholicism for christophobic times

On indigenous incarceration

Gino Vumbaca No hard sell needed to rehabilitate, not lock up, indigenous offenders

On asylum seekers & persecuted Christians

If we want to support the persecuted church, welcoming our asylum seekers would be a good place to start. New Matilda is doing a series of stories from women asylum seekers detained on Manus Island. Many of the women say they became refugees because they converted to Christianity.

I am a 26-year-old woman. I have left my country because of thousands of different problems in the society which I used to live in and also due to the lies and lack of security, safety, and freedom of expression and justice. My uncle was killed by order from the government and that created many problems for my family…

I wasn’t even able to announce my Christianity in public because changing my beliefs from Islam to Christianity in my country is a serious offence. I could be sentenced to hanging for that reason. There was a world of psychological and emotional pressure on me as the government would consider us infidels. I only shared my conversion to Christianity with some of my university friends and that caused me a lot of troubles and I had to defer my university career even though I hadn’t finished it yet because I would be persecuted otherwise…

On gay marriage

I don’t agree with everything they said, but at least they’re thoughtful – Roger Scruton & Philip Blond Marriage equality or destruction of difference?

On Allain de botton and Douglas Adams

Nathan Campbell Total perspective: De Bottom, Douglas Adams and God

We don’t get in the box and perceive the universe, the God who created the universe perceives us.

On misremembering

Matthew Rindage Stop celebrating Martin Luther King Jr

On evil octopuses through the ages

You must check out all these octopus maps – every conflict seems to have one, every major power gets their turn at being represented by an evil octopus. Donna Seger Teaching with tentacles – she’s contemplating teaching a whole semester of world history through octopus maps.

Octopus Map

On disability

Heidi Rome Sparks of light that keep hope alive, from a Jewish perspective.

My son, Ethan, is 7 years old. He is a brother, grandson, nephew and cousin. He also has autism. I’d like to share with you a bit about our experience and what it’s been like to live with a child with autism.

First, I had to wrap my head around the fact that Ethan had a condition that wasn’t just going to go away and that would need comprehensive, intensive, long-term care. I never expected to have a child with special needs. That was something that happened to “other people.” I had always considered myself as a strong someone doing the magnanimous giving; certainly not a someone doing the weak, frightened, overwhelmed, isolated receiving.

Donna McDonald on the National Disability Insurance Scheme –  NDIS for under 65s: ageism or a battle over priorities?

On Richard III

It’s been a good week for Richard. You can now follow him on twitter (@HMRichardIII). Here’s Peter Sellers doing the Beatles in the style of  Laurence Olivier’s Richard III.



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