The weeks go so quickly. Yes, it’s Friday again.

On punctuation

Mike Trapp 8 new and necessary punctuation marks we desperately need

Mockwotation marks

On religion vs science

It is a silly dichotomy. As we were reminded this week, you can have ‘science plus Jesus.’ John Dickson is back in the good books after his appearance on qanda (and I was in the audience!). He’s written some reflections here.

Science plus Jesus

And if anyone missed it, you can watch qanda here.

Max Tegmark Celebrating Darwin: Religion and science are closer than you think

On the Bible

Patrick Mitchel Musings on the Bible – Kevin Vanhoozer

On male as the norm

Gwen Sharp Male as the natural default (don’t get me started on the evangelical subculture with ‘women’s ministry’ and ‘ministry’, ‘women’s pastors’ and ‘pastors’, ‘deans of women’ and ‘deans of students’)

On human rights

The senate committee just released it’s report into the human rights bill. For those who are interested/nerdy/legal it’s here.

Tim Costello Human rights and world religions

On shame

Women use porn. Women masturbate. This shouldn’t be so hard for us to talk about – Hanna Masturbation, shame and Christian sexual ethics

On public confession and repentance

Wendy Gospel testimony amidst abuse in our own backyard

On disability

Stella Young Oscar Pistorius and an unfathomable crime

Pistorius was repeatedly held as a role model in media and civic discussion. We love “against the odds” stories; narratives like that of Helen Keller are lapped up by a culture hungry for “inspiration”.

Keller is known all over the world as the deafblind woman who overcame her disability to become a world-renowned speaker, activist and author. She’s often held up as a paragon of inspiration. Non-disabled people are in awe, disabled people are in her shadow. She is supposed to be our Against All Odds ideal. But Keller, as she is remembered, was just an ideal; an assortment of noble qualities.

On social justice

David Fitch The grace to do nothing: on social justice in the neighbourhood

On climate

The moonbat Climate denial is natural

On pop culture

Jonathan Fitzgerald Mumford & Sons, God and the new sincerity

On sloths

Because it’s Friday, here’s a bucket of sloths:



2 thoughts on “tgif

  1. About “On shame”: is that post really specific to women’s sexuality? It seems to me to be a more general discussion of the use of sexual shame as a control tactic in the church. (Obviously a large part of this is aimed at women, but I don’t see much that’s specific to women in the post other than that it’s written by a woman.) But maybe I’m wrong.

  2. I think you’re right actually. It caught my interest because it’s so rare for women to discuss these things, whereas sometimes it’s assumed that men will struggle with sexual addiction (hence the men’s conferences on porn addiction). I think the silence – and loneliness – can compound the shame for women. But yes, it is really about shame, and that affects both men and women.

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