There’s nothing like sleeping in on a rainy Friday. Hope you’re having a good morning too.

On the environment

Andrew Errington Oliver O’Donovon on the roots of our ecological malaise

If we only manage to protect nature on the basis of its value to us, we may have done something useful, but we are still driven by assumptions that profoundly distort our relation to natural order and so will inevitably bring further chaos in their wake.

Liz Jakimow Genesis 1 and environmental rights

On racism in Australia

David Forman Racism should be called as it is

On introversion and ministry

I’m not an introvert (I’m a shy extrovert – an ENTJ at that – so I’m constantly conflicted). But I think Chris Green is right, they are often the best preachers –  Shh the introvert is preaching

On Purim

Purim was this week. The Huff Post tells you what you need to know about Purim.

Arthur Wasco From Vashti and Esther to women of the Wall and US nuns

On hipsters

Lisa Wade The difference between nerds and hipsters with glasses. Watch the video.

On human rights

Rachel Ball Human rights and religion – where does the balance lie?

Damien Carrick on RN Strengthening Australia’s disability laws

On genetic counselling and disability

Philip Burcham My brittle bones

In the end, we are all frail creatures. Maybe this is why some people wish to abort persons like my father and me: Perhaps we confront them with the inconvenient truth of their own mortality and the ultimate futility of their existential rebelliousness. Rather than pursuing the futile idea that humanity can live in perpetual defiance of God, we Brittle Burchams have found great hope and refuge in the arms of the strong God who became as weak as a newborn baby to conquer the evil that stains our fallen world.

On mourning

Jana Reiss Let’s bring back mourning clothes

On Christians and social media

Dave McDonald Bloody facebook

My big concern with Facebook at the moment is Christians. Christians using Facebook to air their grievances, stir up trouble, attack the words or actions or motives of other Christians. The bloodshed created in recent times has left me deeply disturbed…the rational, calculated, vitriolic, acidic use of Facebook as a medium for engaging in and stirring up conflict.

(on a slightly related note, John Dickson’s been uninvited to the Katoomba Women’s Christian convention because his presence would ‘politicise’ the event)

On justification

I found this one clarified the debate. NT Wright and James White debate the doctrine of justification


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