You may have noticed that sadly it’s not Friday. Last Friday was International Women’s Day and I was away and without internet. Then I had a weekend, so here we are.

On consumer ethics

Lauren Rambo Where should Christians buy their clothes?

On unity

Patrick Mitchel A personal appeal for Christian unity in diversity

On faith

Peter Enns Why I don’t believe in God anymore

On ‘radical’ faith

Daniel Jespen Radical enough?

The common warning is that a stunted belief in Jesus that does not result in radical obedience is either missing the point of the Christian life or is missing salvation itself.  Those who are held up as models of the Christian life are those who made radical life changes to follow Christ, like becoming overseas missionaries, or moving into the inner city. Anderson writes, “It really hard to read these books, one after another, and confidently declare yourself a Christian at the end”.

On memory

Alister McGrath Memory and grace: redating the conversion of C.S. Lewis

On bioethics

Not one, but two articles from deep thinkers who have OI.

Ellen Painter Dollar The dangers of solutionism applied to our always less-than-perfect children

Philip Burcham Genetic counselling and the death of medical compassion

Ellen Painter Dollar then responded to Philip Burcham – not all people with disabilities think alike on these issues. Bless those who curse you (& don’t call them eugenicists, moral monsters or murderers)

On writing well

Charles Halton A conversation with Verlyn Klinkenborg on the craft of academic writing 

The part that worries me is that I have talked with young professors all over the place, and they say things as blunt as: ‘If I write more clearly people will distrust my writing’. There is a negative placed on clarity and directness as if these characteristics pander to the public.

On gaming

Anita Sarkeesian Damsel in distress – tropes vs women

On hypocrisy

Tom Wright The church may be hypocritical about sex but is no one else guilty?

On refugees next door

Scott Morrison


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