What a week. Goodbye Terry Mills, hello Francis, happy Friday.

On popes

Timothy George The next pope should be catholic

Scott Stephens Humilitas christiana: what Francis reminds us of the papacy

St Francis

St Francis

I’m excited about this Latino Pope. Last time I was talking with Latinos about the pope I explained in my beginner’s Spanish, ‘la papa viene a Sydney’ not realising that meant ‘the potato is coming to Sydney.’ It’s el papa, not la papa. 

I’m also excited about his name – Francis. I’d like to learn more about St Francis. Normally I only hear about him from preachers eager to slam the slogan ‘preach the gospel – use words if necessary’ (something he probably never said, but seems to fit with the wives who win their husbands ‘without words’ in 1 Peter 3). I’ve never actually head this approach seriously recommended by anyone nor do I think many evangelical Sydney-siders are in danger of being too generous or too concerned for the poor. I’d like to hear some more about what we can learn from St Francis and about his love for the poor. Thoughts?

Alex Johnson New pope’s choice of ‘Francis’ has deep meaning for Catholic Church

On scripture

Michael Bird The importance of the narrative of scripture

On sports betting

Nathan Campbell Channel 9’s awful gamble, broken lives and betting on Jesus

On giving

Chris Green Money – when there’s way too much

On the world

Sarah Lee If the world were a village of 100 peopleToby Ng has designed a series of posters that illustrates statistics based on a village of a 100 people.

On culture

Tammie Davis Crossing cultures with attitudes to money

On kiwis in Australia

Robert Burton-Bradley New Zealanders, Australia’s ‘underclass’

On poverty

Micah Challenge has a new campaign to finish the race, please check it out.


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