Finally Friday again.

While we were all distracted by the turmoil in the labor party (I wasted a whole afternoon flicking between the ABC and twitter), there were other things going on in parliament yesterday – an apology for forced adoptions and the NDIS Bill passed!


Here’s an update on its unfortunate new name – Discontent over DisabilityCare name

Also Vanuatu actually did lose a PM yesterday (and I like trying to read Bislama). Here it is in English.

On finding a church

Derek Rishmawy Checking out churches – don’t forget the ‘Jesus Drinking Game Test’

 As a baseline minimum, if you wouldn’t get drunk if you had to sip every time they mention Jesus or the Gospel in a church service, then it’s probably not a church you want to be going to.

On the Bible

Rachel Held Evans The Bible: it’s just not that into you

So some friends recently pointed me to thePersonal Promise Bible, in which you can personalize the biblical text to include you name in over 7,000 places.

Some examples provided on the Web site:

2 Peter 1:4 – “By which He has granted to Joe His precious and exceedingly great promises; that through these Joe may become a partaker of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world by lust.”

On the pope

I feel like the new pope is old news now. Still, I found this piece interesting.

Kevin White The new pope: novelty following precedence

On ridiculous gendered products

The Hoopla Hah hah hah…no, it’s real

Yep, it’s real. And so far 7,000 lucky, lucky women have one.

It’s the pink ePad Femme for women that comes pre-loaded with ever app a chick could ever want – cooking, yoga, perfume, recipes and supermarket shopping.

On Barth

This one’s long, but as a beginner, I found it helpful and mostly easy to follow. Roger Olson Was Karl Barth a universalist? A new look at an old question.

On ‘the fundamentalist tendency’

Arthur Davis Evangelicals and the fundamentalist tendency

How can we claim to hold Scripture as our final authority in a way that’s not fundamentalist?

On its own, to claim that Scripture is your final authority doesn’t make you a fundamentalist; it’s a mainstream Christian perspective, as Jensen says. However, Scripture is always interpreted, and ‘Scripture as final authority’ must always mean, at some level, ‘Scripture as we read it’. The thing is, it’s a treacherously small step from saying, ‘We’re Bible-believing Christians’ to saying, ‘We’re the true/only Bible-believing Christians.’ This is where we evangelicals face a recurring temptation: when we encounter others who also hold to the authority of Scripture, yet who differ from us, we’re inclined to claim this is because they do not truly recognise the authority of Scripture, and are disobedient. That’s where the fundamentalist tendency begins to show.

On the biggest loser

I caught a few minutes of The Biggest Loser while channel surfing last Sunday. They’d taken people up the top of a cliff over water and told them they had to jump and swim if they wanted to stay on the show. One of the mothers was in tears of fear – she wasn’t a strong swimmer. What jumping off cliffs on national TV has to do with promoting mental and physical health,  I don’t know. It’s just bullying. I turned it off.

Kerri Sackville Fat shaming race

On reconciliation and acknowledgment

Sophie Timothy Churches acknowledge stolen land

On Gina

Yes, you’re sick of hearing about her, but this one from the New Yorker’s a good article. William Finnegan The Miner’s Daughter

On dolls

Jessica Samakow Dolls for downs: mom creates doll inspired by her daughter

When Hannah Feda was 9 years old, she was flipping through a toy catalog and noticed that there were dolls that resembled her younger sister, but none that looked like her. Hannah, who is now 13, has Down syndrome.

On computers

computer parade

East Germany showing off its computers in a state parade, 1987



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