Thank God it’s the very best of Fridays!

On Easter

Rachel Held Evans Holy week for doubters

Anthony Kelly Good Friday: The scandal of the cross, the foolishness of God

On the NDIS or ‘DisabilityCare’

Stella Young DisabilityCare: a bad name but a good direction

Craig Wallace DisabilityCare: what’s in a name?

On Australian politics

Frank Brennan Rudd right not to run

Scott Stephens Kevin Rudd’s lesson on morality in politics

Australian politics bears all the traits of having been chastened by a cruel and often unforgiving country. Moments of genuine inspiration are fleeting. Kevin Rudd’s decision not to challenge the Prime Minister may not have been inspired, but it was the right decision – it may have even been a moral one. In a time when the nation’s capital is dominated a particularly nihilistic version of political contest, the least we can do is appreciate moments of moral rectitude when they occur.

Nick Bryant Australia’s coup culture

Paola Totaro Australians don’t know how lucky they are. Australia’s had 21 years of economic growth. While we were having the recession we had to have, I was in Kindy and not really paying attention to the economy. Now we have a whole generation of people like me who have no idea what recession looks like and, according to the poms, have become a pack of whingers. In some ways the Labor party’s been the victim of the success of Hawke/Keating.

And responding to Totaro is The Moonbat Modern democracy is about a lot more than economic growth

On the Pope

I think I’ll like this guy. Pope Francis breaks the mould with ceremony at prison instead of St Peters.

On saints

Happy St Patrick’s Day for last week! Geoffrey Reiter Saint Nicholas strikes back: Catholic memes and secularised feast days

St NickOn the Bible

Tim Gombis Evangelicals and the Bible (part 2). It’s worth reading this whole series.

We can fool ourselves into thinking that we already know it.  We’re already “biblical.”  “What, we need to study the Bible!?  We already know it!  It’s our job to tell others to be in subjection to it!  They’re the ones who aren’t listening to what God says!”

But the end or purpose of the Bible is not for us to take it up as a weapon against others.  The end or purpose of the Bible is for me to be shaped, transformed, rebuked, comforted, informed, enlightened, and rectified.

On calvinism and arminianism

Not many will like this one, but again, I found it clarified the issues. Roger Olson What’s wrong with Calvinism?

On happiness

The Hoopla The happy family secret. So happy families have a strong family narrative about the ups and downs their family has faced over generations. What could this mean for Christians whose family is the Church?


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