On easter

Michael Bird Raised for our justification

ABC Radio The cross and the atonement with Ben Myers, Chris Flemming and Michael Jensen.

On busyness and laziness

Morgan Guyton It’s okay to be Martha

On advertising


Tracey Spicer Chicks sell cars, not drive them. Duh

On sex & porn

Alyssa Goldstein When women wanted sex much more than men – and how the stereotype flipped

On apologetics

John Lennox has a website now –

On disability

This is just appalling. City Rail claimed it was unreasonable to do audio announcements so that people with vision impairments can use the train. They lost. Jacob Saulwick Disability case costs Railcorp $420,000

On euthanasia

You may have missed the story this week about Beverly Broadbent – the healthy, apparently happy 83 year old who recently took her own life. She had no terminal illness or disability. These were her words:

I can’t understand why people who really want to can’t have the means to go with the help of a doctor in a dignified manner at the time that they choose. ‘They are not asking anybody else to do it, they don’t want to pressure anyone else to do it, they just want to have the right to do what I’m doing. I hope people can see how sensible it is and that I’m not stupid, I’m not depressed, I’m not sad. I’m having a good life that I’m enjoying right to the last minute.

Michael Vagg Choosing when to go… the human right that nobody can work out how to give

On Alzheimer’s

Ellen Painter Dollar Meet David, as he blogs his way through Alzheimer’s

David Hilfiker was diagnosed with Alzeimer’s last year. He blogs at Watching the lights go out

We tend to be scared of Alzheimer’s or embarrassed by it. We see it as the end of life rather than a phase of life with all its attendant opportunities for growth, learning, and relationships. We see only the suffering and miss the joy. We experience only the disappearing cognitive abilities and ignore the beautiful things that can appear. This memoir, I hope, will not be a sugarcoating of these next years. I wish I did not have Alzheimer’s and would sacrifice a lot to be rid of it. But that’s not one of the possibilities. So I will welcome this period of my life. In fact and unbelievably, this has so far been one of the happiest periods in my life.

On childcare

Andrew Whitehouse Child care and the damage myth

On rabbit hunting


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