I’m Laura. I follow Jesus.

I noticed that there’s not many Christian women blogging, let alone Australian Christian women blogging, so I’m hoping to fill a gap.

I’m a PhD student doing history. I’m interested in Christian thinking, politics, gender, the arts, indigenous affairs and social justice issues. I’m a big sister, a daughter and a wife. My husband, Phil, is pretty cool and studies theology.

And ‘many things’? Have a look at Luke 10.



One thought on “About

  1. Hi, Laura. I just read your blog entry about “not fitting in at church.” Beautifully thought out and beautifully written! My wife and I are about to leave our Eastern NC (USA) home for a mission trip to New Jersey where Hurricane Sandy cleanup and recovery is still underway in many (typically poorer) areas. We are responsible for our group’s opening devotion on Monday morning. May I use some of your thoughts about how diversity should not only be tolerated, but actually welcomed into the Body? Your conclusion, that feeling like we don’t fit in at church “is actually evidence that there’s something miraculous going on,” was, at least to me, both provocative and profound. It made me just a tad more “comfortable” with my own discomfort about not fitting in!! If you allow me to use your material (for this limited and only purpose), please advise via email to stroudlawjoe@gmail.com. Thank you and Blessings!

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