Happy Friday again. Sorry, there’s not much material this week. I must have spent a lot more time with actual people (rather than the internet) this week. Enjoy your weekends!

On politics

To my shame, this had never occurred to me. Sandy Grant Thanking pollies

Less seriously, the Guardian lets you mix and match your own PM.

On toys

Lisa Wade Power, Mickey Mouse and the infantilisation of women

On mission

Damaris Zehner Missions 101: or how to be more like a soldier of an oppressive imperalist nation

My all-time favorite Bible character (yes, yes, excluding Jesus) is the centurion whose story is told in Luke 7.  I don’t know much about him, yet I’ve loved him to the point of tears since I was a child.  I suspect that one reason is that he, like me, was an expatriate.  Both of us spent years away from home, in a foreign culture, representing a richer, more powerful nation and surrounded by people who had every reason to resent us.

On the Trinity

Fred Sanders You, me and the heavenly three: what the Trinity can’t tell us about gender

On brains

Yuka Igarashi Why do we make mistakes? Blame your brain, the original autocorrector


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